Missy Elliott - Time and Time Again

Текст песни Missy Elliott - Time and Time Again

[Missy - singing]
Ohh ohhh, ohh yeah-yeahhhhhh
Oooooh ooh, aww yeah
Ohhohhh yeahhhh
Aww yeah... yessss (WOOOOOOOOOOO!)

The things you say to me, can't make or break me
Everything you bought I give back absolutely everything
And, I am through wit'chu, you and your crazy moods
You be trippin and slippin and givin attitude (HOLLA!)
I deserve the finger things, the joy that love brings
And you'll be missin my kisses and makin love scenes
I'm better off alone, can't wait 'til you get gone
Ain't no need to keep hopin cause it's, over and done

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Why do you keep comin back, time and time again
You promised me you'd change your ways, time and time again
I heard the same old line from you time and time again
And why I take you back because I can not change you man

[Missy - singing]
(YES!) No use in talkin, better get to walkin
Better get them chicks who turn tricks cause I'm just too smart
Man, I hate men who lie, who look me in my eyes
Come up with alibis, for the thousandth time
I won't take bullshit, leave your ass with the quickness

Because I'm stable and able to live my life alone
Boy I'm through wit'chu, no more to say or do
Cause you're too confused, and it's over and done


[Missy - rapping]
I be comin with a rap on a ballad
You should vote Misdemeanor on your ballots
Cause you know I blow your mind any time that I rhyme
And I'll be down for a challenge
I'm, wicked, I-C-K-icked
Not Twista twisted
From coast to coast I brag and boast
I'm better than most and sufficient
I got that good love, that goody-goody-good love
That puddy-puddy-pusha
Slick talkin sista, to any nigga
That wanna get with her
Don't never diss her
M dot S-E
And let me stop playin with y'all motherfuckers
This ain't no rap record, get back to the hook


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