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Текст песни Moby - Lie Down In Darkness [Destroyed | #07 | 2011]

The song ‘Lie Down In Darkness’ is named after a William Styron book, and the song, at least for me is a very emotional, sort of mournful, piece of symphonic, electronic music, my friend Joy Malcolm sings on it.

Right before he died I got to hear William Styron speak at a Paris review dinner, he read from Lie Down In Darkness, I was watching him read and it was beautiful and emotional. I remember looking around to see if anyone else was having the same reaction I was having, and I looked around and it was all this jaded, cynical New Yorkers who were checking their blackberries or their iphones, and not paying attention. It made me so disappointed. I was thinking, here is William Styron, who is this remarkable writer and he is sort of bearing his soul and you could tell he didn’t have much longer to live and most of the people were not paying attention. But I feel really fortunate that I got to see him and meet him right before he died.

— Moby


(vocals by Joy Malcolm)

Will be no more
Now that you're gone
The sun will be no more

Теперь, когда ты ушел, солнца больше никогда не будет.

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