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Текст песни Moby - The Violent Bear It Away ("Destroyed", 2011)

Now we enter the purely instrumental part of the record. So I have no idea how to talk about these songs. Except for basically how they are made and the title like ‘The Violent Bear It Away’. Flannery O’Connor was one of my other high-school crushes. I only had crushes on dead women and I love southern Gothic literature. Of all the southern Gothic writers I like, she is certainly my favorite, her writings where dark, and poignant and filled with grace, and funny at the same time.

I had a little recorder in my living room and I was playing piano and I recorded three chords on the piano. Just little arpeggiated three chords, took this bad recording of piano into my studio, put it into pro-tools, looped it, looped it, looped it, and started adding all the other elements on top of it.

One of the things I particularly liked about this song is it starts very simple and innocent and it gets bigger and it keeps getting bigger, it keeps getting bigger. I mean, I have no idea how anyone else might respond to the music that I make. So someone else might listen to this song and be like, oh you know what, it’s repetitive and boring and you might as well have left it off the record. But I personally love the way it develops and just when it gets to a certain point, it then gets a little bit bigger. It’s almost like the opposite of the Russian doll. Starting with the tiny doll, and gets bigger and bigger, and bigger.

— Moby

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