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Текст песни Moby - When You Are Old [Destroyed | #15 | 2011]

When I was in high-school Yeats was one of my favorite poets and this particular poem ‘When You Are Old’. Whenever I had a huge crush on someone in high-school the crushes I had were always unreciprocated. So I would put Joy Division on my headphones and I would ride my bike around town because I didn’t have a drivers license and think about how sad I was that this person I loved, didn’t love me back. And then I read ‘When You Are Old’ and embodied that perfectly. So it was my favorite poem when I was growing up and I still really like it.

This last piece of music, originally wasn’t going to be on the record, but it’s short and simple and I really liked it so I kind of tagged in on to the end of the record. For those few people who will listen to the album from start to finish, I wanted to try and make a book-ended, cohesive, emotional experience. And I felt like this short song ‘When You Are Old’ was kind of a perfect dénouement to the album.

— Moby

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