Modern Talking - This Time

Текст песни Modern Talking - This Time

Looking back I try to understand
As I'm listening to the pouring rain
Had it all somehow it slipped away
It's a story that I can't explain
All the love we shared and all the moments we had
You and me are worth much more
I can't let it go �cause I miss you

No matter if I'm wrong or if I'm right
Would you take me in your arms and give your heart to me again
No matter where we've been - I wanna try
I am ready to forgive and give my heart to you again
This time

Since the day I left you walk away
Missing you my world is not the same
I know I've been a fool

I've made mistakes
But in love there's always two to blame
All the love we shared and all the mountains we had
You and me are worth much more
I can't let it go �cause I miss you

We shared a night to remember
And we reached the sky
Just a night to remember
I've got you and you changed all my life
You changed all my life

I won't let it end this way
The only thing I know for sure
I don't wanna let us drift apart

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