Moloko - Being is Bewildering

Текст песни Moloko - Being is Bewildering

Human being

Being human

Hands free

Nothing touches me

Transmit, remote, unseen, unknown.

Shes glad to be so very happy.

Weve placed your call into a queuing system.

Listen to the pretty musik play let it numb your fragile system.

She had a friend to call her own.

But now she spends her time alone

What of the cost of growing up

Put me on hold to shut me up.

Just being is bewildering

Disconnect me from what is mine

Call waiting, waiting on the other line.

At you leisure dear.

Come get your pleasure here

Im so glad to be so very happy.

And if you need something, anybody, anything.

Just being is bewildering.

Call me dial l o v e.

Just being is bewildering.

Ill do as I please, I wont get down on bended knees.

Kiss and. make up. dont you. hang up.

Stay and. play out. the whole scene.

Try to stay calm. how long.

Do you. hold on. do you. dare to dream.

Just being is bewildering

Just being is bewildering

Just being is bewildering

Just being is bewildering

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