Molotov - Funky Cold Madina

Текст песни Molotov - Funky Cold Madina

Tekila was the shit,
it got you where he wanted
Back the morning after was the shit
you think it bounded
the blowing high formula
was stronger than bracula
its maybe in argentina
its call tha funky cold medina

No things, no Pills, no Drugs or Vitaminas
Can make your dick harder than tha funky cold madina
But the time the bellow sit was scattered the crapper
First than of her ann is then straight to her's napper
I bet you wont belive but the times that he comes
hes much more than a porn star
his name is Robert Humstar
couse he's a MUCHO muchacho,
we call him Sex Machinaa
you know what he was drinking??

im more i fell a blow when night
and see there's a conmotion
everybody's getting around this magic potion
in a crystal bottle blue just like the ocean
its said put some in glass to get the night emotion

i meet to this girl, she said her's name's Katrina
Adjusted my blood and then i gave her sum madina
in like the Taxi termest i went and stopt the beaver
i think that magic potion,


me fui pa' la catrina, por mi funky cold madina
me puse muy borroso y conoci a una cochina
nos pusimos a bailar, toda la noche ladraba
cuando la volvi a buscar estaba toda WACAREADA


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