Molotov - Step Off

Step OffMolotov3:23

Текст песни Molotov - Step Off

Now here's a little story that I like to contar
Pendejo que conozco who like to drogar
Started way back in the Mйxico City
The year was '97 Molotov was the acclaiming
When a lot of brown nosing was going around
The cuahte was crazy, Valedores were down
He be there to the parties with the flashy clothes
He'd get a little drunken and powder up his nose
He backstage at all the shows
He stopped to the to back to show off to all the hoes
Drugs will make you think wrong when you're on

You better step off before you get stepped on, Boy!!
You better step off before you get stepped on!
Running up on you!
Running up on you!
You better step off before you get stepped on!

Running up on you!

Running up on you!

(Yeah Girl)

Now what Now what Now what's the word en la calle
Dicen que ese hijo de su madre
Es no stepping people like it's going out of style
Shooting and smoking and slurting and in denial
You're asking me man, are you mad at me'
I tell you it's the droga man it has to be
You're all fucked up and it's sad to see
Te hablas solito you've lost your sanity

Your drug of the month is your own pendejez
Te rompen la madre estйs donde estйs
Handle your shit dont egg on me
You better step off before you get stepped on


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