Molotov - Use It Or Lose It

Use It Or Lose ItMolotov4:23

Текст песни Molotov - Use It Or Lose It

Hear the rush coming out of your speakers
Feel the power of the Molotov clica
You don't speak unless your spoken to
Be carefull what you say when you do
'Cause you might find yourself en la calle
Tu ya sabes que me vale
I'm gonna sit back with a cold Kahuama
While my crew is bombing out ya
There's lessons,boy that I'm gonna teach you
You mess with the bull you gonna get the salchicha
'Cause you know que sentiste pasos
If you think you can fake it boy you're an asshole
if you take me out what's shopping ya
I'll pull you out my gang cold pop ya
I'm giving you a chance so don't abuse it
If you got the skill use it or lose it

If you're gonna grab a mice,learn to use it
If you represent a crew,show and prove it
If you got a big side,learn to cruise it

If you wanna test this,learn to use it

Out of the cut view el Grindo Tiro Loco
I'm here to get the people prendido
So watcha wanna do Rap is not afraid of you
And neither homie is the Molotov crew
So in the cantina while I'm drinking my beer
'Cause I'm gonna bruise ya,crack ya,end on you back
If your girl steps in,won't hesitate to snack her
So if I can't take a dump get off the Commode
and if you don't come correct Jack hit the road
'Cause like a '57' chevy I'm gonna cruise ya
You step my way I'm gonna have to bruise ya
Break you,partirte la madre
Face down lying in the motha f'n la calle
I'm giving you a chance so don't abuse it
So if you got the skill use it or lose it


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