Monica - Gone Be Fine

Текст песни Monica - Gone Be Fine

Verse 1::
Can't believe you would leave me this way
Feeling kinda bad from the last things we said today
Can't believe you were turning back away
Lonely to this again and again

You say you love me
I come back with I hate you
Only takes me a day
To realize I'm in love with you
You say 'Oh, see ya'
I come back with 'Just stay, boy'
If you don't
Oh, my God
And I have no choice this time
Yeah, yeah

Tell me what to do
I ain't trippin' over you
Any, any other time
Remember, I'm gone be fine
I, I made a mistake
I don't know what's up with you
Any, any other time
Remember, I'm gone be fine

Verse 2:
You said you didn't really, that's fine
You wanna take it back 'cuz you have not changed your mind
Sometimes saying sorry won't do

Then somedays I can't do with out you

Hook 2x:

Yo, yo
Across the way
The milkman delivered this
Everyday on schedule
Ain't good use to cry over spilled lactose
When you got these vegetables
The four food groups
Ain't nothing but
Four ways to keep four families paid
Oprah went from one line to
Telling y'all silly ass rock upstate

So for one, girl
When I met you
I'ma say this
You's was fine
You traveled around the block
I let you drive the 'Lac one time
Maybe your hearts at stake
Some of the people let you rhyme
You act of fate
'Cuz you can't
Cake up, wake up
Picture make up
Straight up like that

Hook to fade:

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