Monifah - Better Half Of Me

Текст песни Monifah - Better Half Of Me

I know that I was not there
When you needed me
And I took it for granted
The way that you treated me, yes
After all of the dreams we shared
And through all of the pain we beared
I know I tore down, the love that we found
Will you ever forgive me, yeah

1 - Cause I realized we're way gone
All I want is for you come home
It's such shame that our love is gone
Im all alone by the phone
Id do anything for the calls again
You're the only one that I called a friend
Promise me it's not the end
But I know you care, and I know you care

2 - Look what Ive done to us
What was I thinking of
I had to go and make it rough
I lost the better half of me
And now Im begging baby please

Ill even fall on my knees
Anything to make you see
That youre the better half of me

You gave me your love and your trust
You protected me, oh

And when everyone turned away
You stood by me
Now I know I was a fool
For what I did to you
It hurt me inside when you said goodbye
Baby please believe me, yeah

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 and 2 at the same time

Ad lib until fade

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