Monifah - I Miss You

Текст песни Monifah - I Miss You

Yeah, another soul on soul production

Yeah, I stay soaked in foreign colognes

I keep that goochie sweaters, hand knit cuz thats that blush shit

I stay in lace because my body got massage taste

Rolex on my cuff flooded with diamonds and stuff

A half a dozen hundred benz, cool in my driveway

Tried to have it my way the fly way

*thats you were baby

I should of kept it real when I was with you

Instead I dissed you

So now I miss, true

1 - its been too long

Since youve been gone

Feels good when I m with you

I miss you come back home

I need your smile

Aint seen you in a while

Im so alone I miss you

Its been two sleepless nights three lonely days

Since I last saw you

Now things just aint the same

Whatever happened to the promise that we made

Youll never leave me, Ill never leave you

Now youre gone

Repeat 1

Ive got so many things to say

Can we talk about it, I want to talk about it

But lets not talk about whos right or whos wrong

I want to move on so we can start all over again

Cuz I much rather be with you, then without you

I love you, baby I need you

So sugar come back home

Im so all alone

I need someone that I can talk to

I miss you

Repeat 1


Hey yo, its the chocolate mac

The slim kid with gold front

Eyes red from blunt

(thats) been on tour for months

They dipped, they crushed women

Play it from the beginning

Creaming women

And I be sinning

Thats how Im living

Ladies in all complexions, connections, in ghetto sections

But youll be that exception

The one I cared about

Wanna know about your whereabouts

And then I dissed you

So now I miss , true

So sugar come back home

Im so all alone

I need someone that I can talk to

I miss you

Repeat 1

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