Monifah - What's The Deal

Текст песни Monifah - What's The Deal

[Jack Knight]
Yo, huh
Monifah and Jack Knight on the track (uh-huh)
Why yall do that for?

Shorty what you doing
Rolling with a real thug nigga like me
Baby, Im from Brooklyn, but I hang out in VA a lot
Cuz down there, I here the business is hot
Mad chicks rolling small town kids with big city game
Sign up bad boy stuff we aint never been the same
And if you want a dream would impress your luck
Cause I got more hits to bust, what the fuck?

1 - Whats the deal baby
You havent paid these bills
And I aint seen you lately
With all the lessons learned
You wont come home
And I think I can do better on my own

So whats the deal cutie
Things been on my mind
And I aint seen you lately
With all the lessons learned
You wont come home
And I think I can do better on my own

Im confused
I think that we both need to talk
Cause I feel used
Like those can-do's when it's no-more-doll
And all this time
Pretending like your love is really here
But in my mind

Your body and your soul is really there

2 - And I can feel it in the way youre holding me
Your loves been gone for days
Is there a reason why you're hurting me
It shouldnt be that way

Repeat 1

Im so in love and so damn blind
My heart cant see
But is it true that youve been sleeping around on me
And all the joy I've brought you
When you gave me the pain
And I dont know if the kids even know your name

Repeat 2

Repeat 1

And when I need you
You wonder what to do babe
And you hurt would come over and over again
It's too bad that you cant see
Im all you need, yeah

Oh, all you need
All you need, yes
Oh baby
You wont come home
You wont come home
What do you do
Uh, uh, uh

Repeat 1 til end of song

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