Montell Jordan - Falling (Remix)

Текст песни Montell Jordan - Falling (Remix)

Come and feel my thug love, baby. This feeling'll get you with me, it'll drive you oh-so-crazy, 'cause I've been watchin' you lately, lady. Round and round the world we go to the next show. Bless your soul, Flesh know that I sure do miss you. After thuggin' off on this road so long, so come on. Let's get it on. Baby, don't get me wrong. Baby, I wants to bump, bump, bump, bump, and you moan and you groan. See, I can picture this. Why you stallin'? While while this thug is out here ballin', hear this callin', I wanna be fallin' for you [fallin' for you].
Montell Jordan:
Everday since our first kiss, I sit alone and reminsce. What you said last night just took me by surprise. How you said you're not gon' cry no more. You're waitin' to exhale, having feelings that you're falling, woman, I've already felt.
Oh, I'm falling for you, and I just can't help myself.
Baby, I'm falling.
Montell Jordan:
Contemplating what to do, falling faster over you, both my heart and pride are out there on the line. I dial your number on the phone. It's steady ringing, you're not home. If you're listening to this message, girl I'm calling 'cause I'm falling for you.
Falling for you, and I just can't help myself.
Baby, I'm falling.

Can't believe I'm falling . . . do you feel the same way, too?
She can feel it runnin' through my blood, what? You better not be so quick to judge. Much love to all of my people, humble and peaceful, fallin' for thugs devotion, outspoken but chosen to shut you down. I would give you the world, if I make it go 'round. Have a fun, beautiful night on the town. Way down, we havin' a party like everyday. Come around my way, hey. you know we parlay, parlay. Everyday we parlay, parlay. After it's all over, and you keep on callin', I know that you have fallen for me.
Falling [yes, I am] for you [yes, I am], and I just can't help myself [can't help myself].
Baby, I'm falling.
Falling for you, and I just can't help myself [falling, baby].
Baby, I'm falling.
[I can't help myself . . . seems I keep on falling. No, just can't help myself . . .]

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