Montell Jordan - One Last Chance

Текст песни Montell Jordan - One Last Chance

1 - How can I fill this empty space when
Suddenly you're gone?
And where can I find the strength
Each day I
Need to carry on?
Oh, tell me when will I smile again
Will I ever make it through
Wishing that I had one last chance
To say I love you

Baby I know I was crazy
Cuz I found out that lately
My life hasn't been much fun
Living all alone-please save me
Will you tell me what must I do
To bring you
Back into my arms where you belong
Loving me yesh, or is it too late?

Repeat 1

Oh, darling catch me cuz I'm falling

At night your name I'm calling
It echoes off the wall, cuz you're not here at all
You're leaving left me
Without the arms that kept me
Now finally
All the things I never got to say
Fade away and oh

I fall down on my knees at night
Asking God to make it right
But now it's too late (It's much too late)
I made a big mistake (I was wrong, I was wrong)
So now you're loving someone new
And I'm the fool you're toasting to
If I could play God for a minute
Then my life, you'd be right back here in it

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

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