Montell Jordan - Supa Star

Текст песни Montell Jordan - Supa Star

Tonight I'll treat you like a super star
Doesn't matter where we are
Baby doll
As long as I'm with you
Oh, I'll treat you like a superstar
Drive you around in my fancy car
Baby doll
As long as I'm with you

Verse I
Baby girl let me break it down to you
I haven't been quite the man I should've
I didn't do all the things that I could've
To bring back your smile
All this time I was out there grinding
Trying to make life a little more exciting
Couldn't see I was leaving you behind n'
It look me a while

Girl don't hold a grudge with me
Tonight I'll sweep you off your feet
And make it how we supposed 2 be

I only want you

Repeat chorus 1X

Verse II
Your body, I wanna hold
You got my back when then world is so cold
From day 1 I swear I was sold
On you
So I'ma do the things that you like
I'll take my time and do it all night
Freak that dress
Then one that I like
Let's ride

Repeat pre-chorus, chorus 2X

Girl its your night (its your night)
We'll do what-ev-er you want to do
Ooh, I will make it right (I'll make it right)
As long as I'm with you (you)

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