Montell Jordan - Why Can't We

Текст песни Montell Jordan - Why Can't We

Girl I've got a question, here it is
How much longer 'til you let me taste your lips?
You can make a nigga wait if that's your thing
But anticipation drivin' me insane

I'm losing my composure
Tryin' to keep my cool
You start me, then you stop me
So what am I supposed to do?
Sometimes you be actin' so scared
When you know in my heart that I care

1 - Why can't we, just get past the smalltalk and formalities?
Wanna tell you that I want you, but it seems so hard
To let down my guard, and reveal my cards
Your body's convincin' me, so why can't we?
Get right to the foreplay, and right now we'll be
Got me dippin' in your ocean, did I go to deep?
I'm just tryin' to see, baby why can't we?

Now I'm working hard to build your trust in me
But I can see that's not gon' happen easily
When you're livin' in your past and in your pain
It's so hard to let your roses bloom again, again

I'm never gonna judge you
Girl you know it's true
I'll take care of your garden
That's what I intend to do
You won't have to be so scared

Cuz you know in my heart that I care

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

C'mon baby, don't hold back, don't hold back
[Give it to me, give it to me]
I can feel you comin' on now (let it go, let it go)
I promise I won't hurt you, it'll be okay
I won't give you more than your body can take
Yeah, yeah

Your juices might flow like a river
'Til your body shakes, here is my plan
So you can come when you want
As long as you want, as loud as you want
Come on, come on


Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Makin' me say, yeah, ooh

Repeat 1

ad-libs to fade

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