Mustard Plug - miss michigan

Текст песни Mustard Plug - miss michigan

I went out with a girl just a little while
And I loved her so, though she cramped my style
Cause every time I'd reach she'd turn away
And every time I'd call she'd turn and say
"I'm sorry Dave, I got no time, I've got my life, my life is mine."
So after a year or maybe more
I finally got a clue, and I found the door

Well I've done it before and I'll do it again
I've seen the path and I've seen the end
I've said it before and I'll say it again
I think I'm better off just dating Miss Michigan

So a single man is what I am
And I'll play the field do what I can
I meet a girl she seems alright
So I say hello and I spend the night
Next thing I know she's at my door
And she's calling my house about ever hour

I know I'm wrong, cause I set my own trap
But all I want now is my solitude back

Oh baby, I know you're the one for me
When other girls treat me bad you're always right by my side
Sugar, no one could ever take your place
Cause you got everything I need
Ahw yeah honey you're the one for me, hands down

So I meet a girl I know is right
She's got it all she's just my type
So I take it slow, and I show I'm real
And I treat her right, show how I feel
Next thing you know I'm so in love
And it's only her that I'm thinking of
But I was such a fool I can see today
Should have known from the start that the girl was gay

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