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Maybe I shouldn’t have said it Of course I was too quick to judge Words swiftly spoken may be unrefined I didn’t know optimism was a crime Hey I have got enough problems
Don’t need extra baggage from you Pointless games and taxing headtrips Unfortunate side effects of your friendship I may have slipped won’t happen again my legs are beneath me now For the last time cut down from behind I will be ready next time It’s no big deal I’ve gotten used to being let down I just didn’t think that I would ever be let down by you
Your antics are always expected Passed off as being your nature
Get away with murder cause you’re just being you
A modern day version of Shakespeare’s licensed fool Not to say that I’m not guilty Emotions get the best of me
Quick to fight a nasty habit Can’t keep my cool if I never had it

I had so much faith in you til I saw your true colors bleeding through
You’re a joke that I don’t get with a punchline I’m trying hard to forget
I don’t want to carry the burden Of holding this grudge any longer What to do, do I made amends? Or discard this joker from my deck of friends?
Slander you said it I heard it But you know I never deserved it So locked to you the world in my head I know I should have never let you in

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