Mute - Something In the Water

Something In the WaterMute2:43

Текст песни Mute - Something In the Water

Why do some choose to tear down what others work so hard to build wy do some take innocent live and feel they've got the right to kill how can it be so fucking easy to cuse such sorrow and pain
there has to be a valid reason why some chose to be a never ending burden to Our Society
is it something from their chidhood or someting in their genetic code did they watch one too m any violent tv shows. if i was a politician i could just dodge all these questions but im notso i'll seach for answers we'll probably never know

There has to be a valid eason why some choose to be a never ending burde to Our Society t doesn't make any sense to me and i don't think its right that someone idon't even know is fcking up m life
why to passing glances often turn to glancing blows what breeds this need for violence what it is i'd like to know this vicious disposition where does it come from is it something in the water or is it just something in our blood...something in our blood

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