Mya - Free


Текст песни Mya - Free

Mya you know the hook,
You see the bait,
I know you want a bite,
So why procrastinate
Come on

Everybody knows that yeah I'm kinda shy
And I'm not the kinda girl who could ever approach a guy
But I wanna find a way to get you to notice me
I got a four wheel drive, 5' 5, brown eyes,
Then maybe you can handle these
Because I'm free

Chorus: Free... single, sexy and sweet
Makin' my own money
Lookin' for the right party
And if you're free... spit your best game at me
If you like what you see
Maybe I'll let you share my fantasy

Now, I don't need a man in my life tryin' to tie me down
And I don't wanna playa who got kids all over town
Don't want his curl juice drippin' all over my Mercedes seat
I can't stand a man who thinks he looks better than me
I'm lookin' for a brother who like to have fun
A fly gentleman who knows how to please a woman
The last thing I need is a man that's soft
He betta get it on up and break me off
Some a that fly high rise, 6' 5, ain't shy
And that's the kinda man I need

Because I'm free

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Bridge: Mmm... If you're having a good time, just let go and don't be shy
Come on yeah... oh yeah
If you're down to do whatever
Then let's sing this song together
I'm free, oh come on and be free with me

Repeat Chorus

Last Chance
Ooh boy, you look so good to me,
You might get lucky
'Cause I feel free tonight,
Are you available
Did you come here alone,
Won't you hang out with me
I'll freak you on the dance floor

Everybody in the house... high rise
All the brothers up in here... 6' 5
Gotta get in on up... High rise
You know you lookin' good tonight
All the ladies in the house... 5' 5
Gotta show 'em whatcha got... thick thighs
Freak 'em on the floor... Ain't shy
You know you lookin' good tonight

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