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Текст песни Mya - Lock U Down (Original Version)

[Lil Wayne]
Yeah (Uh huh)
Yes sir
What it is
This right here's automatic, man
Understand that
See what you know about
Scott Storch, got torch
And Weezy F, got fire
And we bringin' back
Miss Mya
Get 'em

[Main Verse: Mya]
If I had a
Dollar for all of the times
I thought I found the right one
I'd be a
Billionaire, then I could probably ride out
And go and buy the right one
I wouldn't mind
A dude that could take my attitude
And take the time to listen
Someone that understands
When I need a little space
And when I need attention
What I'm looking for is

Hook: Mya
With direction
With affection
That knows how to put it on me
That's what I need
Who could read me
Check me
When I need to be
Pick me up when I'm fallin'
That's what I need

Chorus: Mya
So when I find you
I'll never let you get away
Never let you slip away
I'm a lock you down, lock you down
And when I see you
I'll never look the other away
Never let you slip away

I'm a lock you down, lock you down

[Rap Verse: Lil Wayne]
I hope she throw away the key, too
Got me tied up like a three piece suit
Mya's back
Got a sweet tooth
Miss Caramel, I need three scoops
I can see you
In your beach suit
Walking 'round my beach view
Three bedroom
Penthouse see-through
Just windows
Rich ass nymphos
Baby girl
I can tell you where you need to go
Where you ought to be
On the charter, comin' to Young Carter
You need direction, I can take you further
You need affection, I can crush you harder
You need protection
Sweetheart, I'm fresh off selection
And if you checkin', I won't be far
I'll be right on your radar

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Mya
Like an anchor in the water
I'd have my priorities in order
That means you'd be the only
One love in my life
I would vow to never leave ya
Rub your back, boy, do anything to please ya
All you gotta do is come around
And I'm a lock you down

Repeat Chorus Twice

All the way down
When I see you
I'll put a padlock on you, baby
No if's and but's or maybe's
All the way down
That's what I'll be for you
I could vow to stay, your lady
Maybe one day, have a baby

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