Mystikal - Back from the River

Текст песни Mystikal - Back from the River

[Hook x7: Mystikal]
Here I go!

[Verse: Mystikal]
It can get critical, I think it's pitiful
At them local bar trying to blow with Mystikal
We black and them roll, making you fold
Your soul has just been sold, your sun has start to erode
When it's coming, ice cold, silence is gold
Now you know, cause you've just been told
Moving, grooving, improving, as I walk they hold
Rhyme stink like the funk from the scent of a dead dog
The size of the highs, eating suckers alive
Too late to cry cause you won't survive
Had a two copper chopper and a punk
Say popper jocker stopper, got you hopping like a one-legged grasshopper
Hissing, missing, dissing... believe
Mo tricks up my sleeve than Merlin the magician
Rough rhyming, house wrecking like Black and Decker
Got tools for these fools, making moves like I'm playing checkers
Bragging and ragging, gagging, sacking and ragging
Rhymes tagging like the seven deadly fists of the land dragon
Banking and jipping, can call the drank in a sipping
They got me running my lip and got 'em thinking I'm tripping
I probably school them and skeeze, then barbecue them and tease them
Slice them, dice them with beans and rise, buy it seasonal
Words of the prides, paralyse and advise
Scalpel like rhyme, get the mic circumcised
I like to outward my punch
How'd you like the pretty ones?
I gotta hunt you on a munch (yeah man)
I can't be beat on a beat, have them kissing my feet
Stop beating your bitch and wipe that hair off your teeth
I ain't popping no joke punk, more funk than a skunk
When I flow that you sunk, cause your album is broke
Come here, let me see the difference between a man and a...
I'm back from the river, you little motherf... hmm

[Hook x8]

[Verse 2: Mystikal]

Justice and brutalizing that suckers is dissing
I kick them and stick them, then I rip them, they can't mess with me
Hope your seatbelt is fastened, known for massive harassing
Confesses masses slam crashing, I'm your daily assassin
Hop hop, hardcore, listen close to the emperor
Burn, woof, burn, like a flamethrower
Rocking awesome, I'm 'bout to boss hard an long
Strong as a python, my ... bite, 209 degrees Fahrenheit
These fools about to get humbled, I stumble and fumble, MCs I crumble
Coming like a comando, I'm so deadly, you don't want to rumble
That's right, don't panic, I'm causing havoc
Searching like a torpedo, gigantic as the Titanic
Rhymes humble the drums, got them stunned and running
All those of them... they know when I'm coming!
Hard hitter, bullshitter, head splitter when bitter
Assassinate a rookie killer like Adolf Hitler
Huh, and if it's true what they said, them I'mma get ya
I'mma drag 'em to the river bad boy, you're 'bout to get a problem, back off

[Hook x8]

[Verse 3: Mystikal]
Y'all come at dingo, warriors, suckers I crush
I'm to cruel to be moved, I'm to much to be touched
Got them dangling and jangling, to that... when they hit this
Fight me like a viking, tragic like a terrorist
Thank you a lot, but I'm yet to beget
I know I rhyme to beat my enemy cause I'm the deadly friend
I'm once at the gate, I want to get in
Let's just say for all these stuff you're putting me through
This revenge, now put your head down and be silent
To you get worldwide round this shit, be quiet
I'm sick and tired of wasting time on you suckers
You're better not ready, be wasting some rhymes on you suckers
The BG splitter, 3D killer, back from the river
I'm 'bout to lay you young big mouth punks down
Without your pillow, you won't save Mystikal no' mo'
Somebody said that you were looking for me...

[Hook x8]

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