Mystikal - Hit Me

Текст песни Mystikal - Hit Me

What the fuck was that?
What man? I don’t know what’s up
And what the fuck did you miss?
Get past me people, get pass me hit me
That was me that you missed
I’m the one you’ve been missing and wishing
For listen! (alright)
All commands will be coming from the goddamn top (Hit me!)
I’m the maestro (too bad)
I’m the nigga with the stick in this bitch (oh yeah)
Arranged it, directed, conducted
Any other fucking names you can think of (hit me)
I got drums and shit, tom-toms and shit
I got congos and bongos and guitars and keyboards and cymbals and horns all up in this bitch ..
Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it
Wow, wow, kind of shit you ain't heard on the Box in a while!
Even the white people sitting up in this motherfucker can't do nothing but say wow!
Hear that Helen?
He’s tearing it up, that fella
I’d love to get my hands on those a capellas
That nigga sicker and slicker than oil on the pelican
We on the one
Me and the band gelling like Abbott and Costello
We go together like stanky and smelly
Tummy and belly, peanut butter jelly (Hit it)
That’s some fool, there, your mommas say, "That’s my groove, there!"
Fuck the dumb shit, kill ‘em with the drum kick
Give it to the nigga with the drum stick
Hit it!
I’m flipping on the record like an acrobat
You can’t stop me cause it’s something that I’m natural at
Even in the wake of my aftermath, I catch you bitches
I’m losing my alphabet (what)
Aunt Bea, see these bitches?
LMNO bitches
OSTR, hit it
(Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it)
You can tell I'm getting money behind they lining up
But when I’ll lead them, they’ll be whining like them Monicas
Whether they diamonds, Madonnas, designers, iguanas
Rihanna, vaginas, piranha, hit it!

I’m getting too old to be calling names
Saying bitches and hoes cause it’s all the same
On top of that the rappers always getting all the blame
But is it really cause the niggas are just off the chain (hit it)
Chicka bow chicka bow bow
Toot it up, I got some for the brown brown
Black man, put your mother fucking crown on
Pull your fucking pants up, band, break it down now
Even the white people sit in this motherfucker be nothing but got doing nothing but say
Wow? Look there Judy. that goddamn band's pretty groovy
I bet you two bumps off my ass
If you play that for Mum she'll shake her booty
Hit it
Get down the beat
Never ever ever been beat on the beat
Been more speedy than a cheetah with the rhythm I keep
Bass drum thumpin like elephant feet
Cappin on these rappers like Muhammad Ali
I’m the greatest, I’m pretty
I open line in the jungle
Eyes on the freak in the goddamn hospital
Mumble, young man rumble!
This is totally ludicrous. It’s preposterous. You guys are fucking losers. You’re gonna piss me off. I’m gonna run through you fucking losers
They pissed me off, and we gonna knock you bums off
I'mma run through you
Prepare the beat! It's funky I'm bad (yeah) bad (yeah)
I'mma do my thing
Baby, baby, baby, baby hit me!
Say it proud! I’m black and I’m loud!
Say it proud! I’m black and I’m loud! (loud)
Say it proud! I’m black and I’m loud!
Say it proud! I’m black and I’m loud!
You gotta give homage
Soul brother number one, James Brown, ain’t nobody do it better
Hit it!
Bad man
Michael J
Hit it, hit it, hit it

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