Mystikal - The Stick Up

Текст песни Mystikal - The Stick Up

[Feat. Fiend, Mia X]

[Mia X] (Mystikal)
MC.. (Whoa)
This is your motherfuckin time nigga, you ready? (Huh bro?)
You sho' you ready? (Fuckin right.. nigga what?!)
Fuck that mask we don't need no mask
they know who we is anyway!
What we gon' do, is go in here, handle our business
Take everything and break out
You feelin me? (*gun cocks*)
Well let's let them niggaz have it

[Mia X]
This is a stick, up, MC's lay it down
We got the clout in this bitch so don't be fuckin around
Got the rap game locked, spittin what they feelin
Makin all the money, got em say we rackateering
Y'all fearing No Limit, black owned and operated
Uncle Tom's and Lil' Sambo's get annihilated
Y'all ain't tolerated, cause only soldiers ride with T-R-U
On the Tank full of lyricists, hustlers, and gorillas
Killers, and we do what we gotta do to make it happen
All action, all cappin, fuck yappin
Mappin, out the industry, gon' blow this joint
and take the royalties, the publishin and all the points right with us
It's the Black Prince and the Biggest Mama
Shootin sparks from the top of the Billboard charts
Watch out now, don't nobody move, cause you gon' lose

Then we takin everything, cause we brought the right tools

* Chorus: Fiend (repeat 2X) *

Give it up, give it up, or get fucked up
It's gon' happen point blank range, so don't even duck
We lust to bust, turnin bitches to dust
Always your ass if you don't give it up

Black Prince in this bitch with the Biggest Mom of em all
Out of sight, when we unite, like killers and George
Slowly, unlock the safe on the wall
Stop disrespectin the pistol I'm pointin at y'all
Buck buck! Get down, get on your face or get handled
Bitch keep still 'fore I make an example
Cut up that fuckin remake, and give me that sample
Give me the fuckin recoup, you 'sposed to be payin me!
Bag the loot then, cover the camera
Snatch a fuckin hostage then run out with the manager
Fuck it, gotta have my paper, fortune and fame
Lay it down so the bitches won't forget my name!
{*GUN FIRES*} Listen close motherfucker
If you don't meet my demands, this nigga gon' suffer
This ain't no fucking game, and ain't none of this funny
If you want this nigga to live, then gimme your company!

* Chorus *

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