N-Trance - Softly (Dragging Me Down)

Текст песни N-Trance - Softly (Dragging Me Down)

All alone ayain like before
Wandering down to the shore
Tryin to ease my mind I know you say I wasnt to blame
But words always sound the same .
They say that love is blind
You live your life with your head in the clouds
Just another lost soul that needs to be found
Why do you do it?
Please tell me why you do it ?
A gentle hand hidden deep in a fist
Now Im raising my voice though I try to resist
Why do you do it?
Please tell me why you do it?

Softly dragging me down, down, down...

As I hold my head in my hands
The ocean washes the sands
Takin away the pain
Then I sit and try to forget
The day two lovers first met
Holding hands in the rain
I feel the waves as
They re turning away
As I look to the sky will I see a new day
Why do you do it ?
Please tell me why you do it ?
I shout aloud but theres no-one to hear
Am I so far away from the world that I fear
Why do you do it?
Please tell me why you do it?

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