N-Trance - That's All We Need

Текст песни N-Trance - That's All We Need

Here I go again, singing like we did back then
Don't you ever listen to the words I say
Why do you go to war, tell me what you're fighting for
Will you ever see another day.
I don't care about race or religion, It's hard to fight, easy to listen
Live your life before it's gone, making sense where there is none
See the sun as it starts a new day, watch the clouds as they're turning
Takin' away the fear and greed, just a little hope is what we need.
People let me hear you say
All we need is some love, some love
That's all we need
x 4
I just can't forget, how did I feel no regret
When I think of all the things I've done

Then a tear will fall, makes my life seem very small
Looking down the barrel of a gun.
Why is it our nature to kill? We always have, we always will
Find a way for life to survive, only faith can keep us alive
Out of the dark and into the light, a new beginning is in sight
Now it's time to follow my lead, just a little trust is what we need.
Now here comes the love daddy 'O' wid ma sugar flow leave da world alone
give the young ones a chance to grow up, a drink from the fountains of
all wars will end, all colors should blend.
Coz I be the same as you be but when someone sees me,
even though I'm raw I'm still humanity, and it don't matter what ya use
we are the world and we be da future.

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