Nada Surf - Imaginary Friends

Imaginary FriendsNada Surf9:40

Текст песни Nada Surf - Imaginary Friends

Hey, calling all imaginary friends!
Today, don't want no one to tell me how it ends
Took breathing for granted
and now i don't know how to breathe
something that you planted
just won't get up and leave

Hey, i'm bewildered and writing myself notes
Say if you fake happiness then no one knows
Convince yourself
and then you've got it made
There'll be no black of night,
just the turned out lights

You only get to play one time
Lenny Bruce 's bug eyes stare from a LP
Asking me just what kind
of fight i got in me

I harbored some ambition
to turn it up like that
I already had robot soul
Why'd you have to cheat?

It's a long story I'll tell you later
And now the sky looks like Turner
From specifics to the dawn
i've got so many backburners
that keep on.

You laughed out loud about someone who
couldn't get their shit together
I laughed along, ha-ha
I almost wish you knew me better

Hey, calling all imaginary friends!

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