Naglfar - Abysmal Descent

Abysmal DescentNaglfar6:56

Текст песни Naglfar - Abysmal Descent

In the black depths of my very soul
A vast emptiness lies so arcane and cold
Caressed by the icy touch of melancholy
Like the sweetest of poison it permeates me
No more love, no more life
I remain cold and dead deep inside
Through my ruptured veins I leave this cursed world of light
To embrace the infernal fire... and so I fall

Encircled by shadows as I descend
Portrayed in the most twisted of forms
Their vision are mine as they tear at my soul
Still my fate lies further below

Plunging down through these diabolical realms
A Stygian landscape of lost hopes and pain
I thrive on the haunted screams of the damned
Their laments are my requiem

Then I sense something deep down below
The grand lakes offire that calls for my souls
In a state of sheer rapture I descend into its flow
To be consumed by its hellish glow

Sprayed with burning sulphur, licked by scorching flames
Yet no regrets has passed my mind
No, none of my sins shall I ever repent
A lifetime filled with yearning has now come to an end
In these halls of pain I'm purified
My destiny's fulfilled through this abysmal descent

And so through the fires I finally set the abominations that's coming for me
I writhe with pleasure as I'm torn piece by piece, the sweet ecstasy of pure agony

And here I burn... forever burn...
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