Naglfar - Exalted Above Thrones

Exalted Above ThronesNaglfar6:14

Текст песни Naglfar - Exalted Above Thrones

Oh queen of the night, hear my call
I raised my sword as many times before
Calling for the empress to return
Opening my veins releasing my blood
And with the burning midnight mist she
came, pale white skin and
eyes of blackest flames
Nocturnal goddess of the deep
Mistress of the ancient dark
I fell into her cold embrace
The enchantress of the stars

Giving her what was hers
Pain sweet as silver thorns
Feeling exalted above thrones
Her vision were now mine

As if the sun were neverborn
we played among the stars
Drinking the light of the goatmoon,
the universe was ours

With the purity in her kisses
I fell through the blackened skies
Promising life everlasting
As a king and queen we'd rule
And in dreams eternal we met
Dancing through this hellish night
Floating through worlds beyond cosmos

Giving her what was hers
Pain sweet as silver thorns
Feeling exalted above thrones
Her vision were now mine

I felt exalted above all thrones
Love me - destroy me - suck my dry
But dawn came as it always does
Fading away she left me crying
With the loss of my betrothed burning
I left my shell and this mortal world
to receive life everlasting...

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