Naglfar - Wrath Of The Fallen

Wrath Of The FallenNaglfar4:52

Текст песни Naglfar - Wrath Of The Fallen

Once embodied in celestial light, now torn asunder and cast aside
Like the feeble prey they are, they are ravaged without compromise
Behold the signs of their defeat, angels slaughtered and left to bleed
All that's left are the echoes of their cries, the dirge of a now lost breed

Flesh ripped from the sacred bones
Set free by the ravenous hunger of crows
Broken wings drenched in black seed
As a praise to their tragedies

A travesty spawned by the virgin whore
On his knees as the heavens crumble and fall
The reeking seed of Adam forever cursed
Now erased as creation has been reversed
Their futile lives now buried and lost in the dust of sweet oblivion

The raging pulse of wardrums sounds as the legions of hell marches on
A swarming mass of darkness and hate, behold the wrath of the fallen

Once proclaimers of the divine ways
Now ripped to shreds and put in unmarked graves
Their cherub children has been whipped into obedient and doglike slaves
Behold the signs of their demise, their kingdom drawn into the abysmal fires
All that oce was adorned by the light has now withered away and died

Sound the horns of triumph and victory
Kill all life in the name of our majesty
Once of the fallen, now the rulers for all time to be

A travesty erased forevermore
His severed head, a trophy for the unholy hordes
The reeking seed of Adam forever cursed
Now entombed in the shadow of our rebirth
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