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Media, Media, Media, Media
Blinds my eyes (X2)
Trying to Trying to
Trying to fuck my mind (X2)
Television blinds my eyes
It's not real, the mediaХs
owned by the rich
Don't be confused by their
Television blinds my eyes

Smash your TV (X4)

Life on TV's beautiful, this
portrait I despise
Make war look so
glamourous It's all a
bunch of lies
Censored by the military,
can't tell us all the truth
These controlled airwaves try to
Brainwash meand you

Bush sez it's OK that so
many people are dying.
The news doesn't tell us
that the president is lying.
He says it protects our way
of life when it only protects
his.It doesnХt help anyway
And that's the way it is.

Media, Media, Media, Media
distorts the new (X2)
Promoting, Promoting,
Promoting, Promoting
corporate views (X2)

Television blinds my eyes
ItХs not real the mediaХs
owned by the rich
DonХt be confused by their
Television blinds my eyes.

Smash your TV (X4)

Images of Wall Street and all
that money you can make.
Dressing up in business suits
ItХs all so god damn fake

Working for beaurocracy
pushing pencils everyday
Sitting in a cubicle.BIG
Business goaway

The rest of the world slaves
away so the pigs can go sit
on their ass
The war machine keeps
marching on.They are so
fucking crass

Since we all want freedom
We must make this system fall
People believe things on TV
Media kills us all

Right Now
So much war, so much
Lives are wasted for production
so much anger, so much
If things don't change, the
human race will end

Will the 90's be another
decade of apathy?
Are we going to sit by and
watch things get worse?
The rich will stop at nothing
to control the world and keep
their power
They all live like royalty at
the expense of you and me

Right now (Chorus)
In this new world order
Right Now
No one is free
Right now
Corporations own this world
Right now
We are victims of their greed

Buying off the government
Destroying the environment
Making sure there's not
enough so they can keep their
prices up

There's food rotting in
warehouses while people
starve to death
Big business won't give it to
these people to save there live
because they won't make a

Right now (Chorus)

Are you prepared? Do you
have what it takes?to
overlook your selfishness and
create a better place?

First we must destroy the

Right now (Chorus)

If things don't change the
human race will end!

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