Naked And Happy - Hardway

Текст песни Naked And Happy - Hardway

I cannot wear a smile cuz today I'm getting older.
I'd like to live my life without responsabilities.
And not pay my goddamn bills for the rest of my existence.
I'm not too sure if one day I'll get married.

My parents don't understand me, they cannot give me sympathy.
Today it's my birthday, I'm supposed to smile and smile again.
I'd like to forget about age and always wear skateboarding footwear.
Don't want to go to work with the same suit everyday.

Cuz I'm not this kind of guy, pissed off and hooked by a tie.
Thats' why I won't grow up tonight.

Could you please go away with your adult insanity.
So scared of growing up cuz I don't want to end up like you.
I learned all by myself, society's rules to be a man.
I'd rather be a kid, I give a damn about tomorrow.

Homework's not over yet, knowledge's the best weapon you'll get.
Oh watch your back young boy, you'll need to fight to stay alive.
Will you lick ass all day and give your boss a blow just to get paid?
Maybe that's your choice but I wanna live something else.

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