Naked Raygun - Entrapment

Текст песни Naked Raygun - Entrapment

You appear stage left all searching for your plan of life
Youth of course on your side as they play the drum and fife
Tryin' to get you marching to the worn out song they preach
About how things you hope for are so very out of reach

Can't they even remember
When they had hopes
And dreams?

Adolescence fled; the adolescents sang; while you -- you had no chance
Then before you even knew your wife she got in line to be your first romance
In the sunset of your best years you piled on the debt
You think this can't be happening here -- not here, not now, not yet

You're gonna regret this.
It's your big fall...

Well OK -- life's not what it used to be
We're tryin' to become something that maybe wasn't meant to be
We're now so totally up for grabs -- I hope someone's left to see
Will the end justify the means? Well it beats the heck outta me

In the next round
What will we be?

-- Entrapment, Naked Raygun, _Understand?_

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