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Текст песни Nana - G.o.d.

Psalm 23, The Lord Our Shepherd:
The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need, He lets me wrest in fields of
Green grass and leeds my to quite pools of fresh water He gives me new strenght
He guides me in the right oath as he has promised Even ig I go thru the deepest
darkness I will not be afraid Lord, for you are with me The shepherds ride
and stare protect me You prepeared backwards for me so all my enemies can
see me You welcome me as an honoured guest and feel my comfortable grim
I know that you goodness will be with me all my life And your house will be
my home as long as I live Amen

G.O.D. Youre the one I need
G.O.D. Come and rescue me

I stopped working for a second and thought about my life Nowhere to either run
or to hide G.O.D. the inventor creator You changed my life into a dream and
I can testify So much pain so much sorrow Theres a life after death like today
and tomorrow I feel stupid dont know what to say I thank you G.O.D. in more
than a thousand ways Lets pray our father in heaven each and everyday me
praise receive your blessings We ask for peace and no more war Uprise my Lord
and cure the sick, lonely, the humble, the poor Peace out to those daily waiting for my
fall Your goodness and love will be with me all my life Your house will be my home lord help me to survive

G.O.D. Youre the one I nead
G.O.D. Come and rescue me

You provided me with strength I was lost humble and week Realize where I stand lord I
cant speak Now shot like a rocket in the business with full speed Yesterday I had to
suffer defeat Protect me from my foes how high can I reach You work in mysterious ways thats why you are unique Your goodness your love Ill obtain all my life - Your house will
be my home lord help me to survive

G.O.D. Youre the one I nead
G.O.D. Come and rescue me

Yeah, thats life, I remember the lonely days, nobody there but the loard, believe in God
And hell always show you the way - thats what I can say he opens doors and believe me
One day sunshine will come your way And in the name of Nana Abrokwa Peace God

Ho, ho, hoooo, yeah.
G.O.D. Youre the one I nead (Oh, dear God!)
G.O.D. (Oh, G.O.D.!) Come and rescue me (Youre the one I need)
G.O.D. (G.O.D.) Come and rescue me (My heavenly father)
G.O.D. (G.O.D.) Come and rescue me (Youre the one I need)

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