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Текст песни Nana - Hes Comin (exact Album Version)

Darkman is back. Hes comin for right. Have no fear, theres no fear

Hes comin, hes comin, hes here have no fear
stay by his side and hell take you for a ride
Hes comin, hes comin, hes here have no fear
Darkman is back, Nana is here

BOOYA, thats the name of the gang,
me and my boyz all day we hang
representin the fattest shit that you you ever heard
One for the money and two for the girls,
Ladies, let me see your G-sting drop
Time for some action and you know we dont flop til the top
This is how we do everyday,
knockin out niggas in the face like casius play
Baby, baby, what can we do?
Lets go for a ride with me and my crew
Unstoppable, Inflammable, Sensational, International
High class quality, the best you can get,
you wanna step, you better check the Internet
Apply while standing in the line,
BOOYA, in the house to blow your mind


Stop, look and listen, let me introduce:
Toni Cottura, my homeboy got juice like Bruce Lee
the master of Kung Fu, flashback in your dreams, another DeJa Vou
Boom, when he comes thru the door,
no doubt about the fact that you want some more
true love and respect we have for one another,
startin off for a sec, its The Darkman Nana

Rap3: (Toni C)
Yo, Nana, I got your back like no other,
thrust love respect for another who aint Booya gonna suffer,
Toni Cottura, dying would I for ya,
My family is Booya like Daisy is my flower.
Bülo made it yes! Jan and June gonna creep to the top soon
Nana hmm you fucked your enemies,

mad propps and love gives you Booya Family.


Dont you have no fear, Nana is here

Rap4 (Ski):
Strech bend the nextas, New York to Texas,
niggers quit, the check is:Booya! we wreckstas
Ha! The Ill Nana, back to bring the drama,
mmm worse then my moma, Ski the dam-da-da
Mister Godfather raise up, why even bother, mmm,
you know we make you wanna Hala hard!
Spotsre getting blown, Nana he keeps it on,
Booyas up in the house; 5000 n were gone!

Rap5 (NANA):
And I am back, picture me where I am at,
Arnold Schwarzenegger style Ill break you back
and your neck, believe me; Ive been thru a lot of shit,
be happy that you could afford to miss
Understand, I am just a young black man
with a mic in my hand from New York to Japan
I pray everyday to the bible and koran,
dear Lord: Im the witness and more than a fan
Now, me, my nigga T.C., Bow Down when we come to your town,
dont stand arround
Blaw Blaw, how you like me now,
Nana means king with a funky ass crown
Ciao Ciao, Bye Tschüb Aufwiedersehen,
Italien-Jew-German style mixed with african
Taken over control before you realized,
BOOYA til the day that I Die!

Chorus x 2

Stay by his side and hell take you for a ride,
hes comin, hes comin, hes here, have no fear
Nana is here, dont have no fear
Darkman is back, Darkman is back
hes comin, hes comin, hes here, have no fear

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