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Ooooh, yeah, Mama I miss you!

You, you are the one, the one in my life
Whitout your smile I wouldnt survive
You are the one, the one that I need
Mother, Im still talking in my sleep

Back in 87, the year you passed away – 1998 and I can still feel the pain –
Thats nature it gives and it takes –
Lord rescue me forgive me for my mistakes – You are the one the one that I
adore – Tu eres mi madre y mi
amore – I look at me all I see is you – Thanks for the education and the rules
– I can see you suffer every day
every night – Four kids aside no man that aint right – Never saw you cry too
tough too high – Your level we
can reach the sky – Everything you said is still in my mind – Everything you
did was bright like the sunshine
- Everywhere I go you and the Lord protect me – Mama I miss you, Can you hear

Chorus x 1

You are the one in my life, youre the one in my life
You are the one in my life, youre the one in my life

I wanna thank you thank you for the birth – The pain you went through Ive made
it was worth – Thank you let
me say this one more time – It comes from my heart and your love was genuine –
I was taught how to use
a fork and knife at table – Taught how to read the bible to be stable – Taught
to shae and help my fellow man –
Taught to preach peace from land to land – I used to watch you the way you set
things straight – All by yourself
no delaying no debate – Never late always shining like a star – You had your
family and we knew who you are –
I miss you I miss you everyday – I miss you, how far are you away? – I miss you
keep showing me the way – I
miss you see you later mama some day…

Chorus x 1

You are the one in my life, talking in my sleep
You are the one in my life, yeah

Chorus x 1

You are the one in my life, mother, mother, I miss you!
You are the one in my life, talking in my sleep
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