Nanci Griffith - Goodnight to a Mother's Dream

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Goodnight to a Mother's Dream

Flippin' bottle caps through the ring around the moon
All alone on a Saturday night with the stars in bloom
I am a vision of my mother's dream come true
Built this house out in the hills
All by my own will
I've got love enough for two
But it's just me and this old moon

And the sailors on the water
...They all want the captain's daughter
They want her beauty and her youth
To grace their bow out on the sea
Me, I'm getting older and I'm plain
As plain can be
Got a bank full of mother's dreams
Maybe mother just didn't see
That love would be the only thing
Her daughter would ever need

Oh, I am the heart not taken
The one thought not worth breakin'

I am the late blooming rose
With only her mother's dream to hold
On this less traveled road
Who really knows
...Maybe the hearts not taken
Are truly made of gold

I'm gonna flip one more bottle cap up at the moon
I've got an early call with so much work to do
But, when I go inside I'm gonna let my back door slam
Mother, to tell you the truth
I would trade your dream away
Just to hear some loved one say
I love you, too


Say goodnight to the moon
I'll say I love you to the moon...
And to my mother too
'Buenos suenos' to the moon

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