Nanci Griffith - Heart Of Indochine

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Heart Of Indochine

I am on a Riverboat on the Saigon River
Where the music's too loud
While I try to have my dinner
Stories I've been told of 1954
When the bodies washed ashore from that distant war
My friend Michael came in '68
The bodies still floating
With the dinner boats sailing
Beside all those souls of the American war

(chorus) Oh, deliver me to the river of souls
In the heart of Indochine
Deliver me to a River at Peace
In this twenty-first century
All those souls that floated free
In these dark war's waters
All the souls now swim together
The French the Viet Minh
Those American boys

The souls of the Saigon River
At peace in Indochine

I am in a caffe' in Ho Chi Minh City
My friend Bobby Muller is sitting with me
This traffic is maddening
In his wheelchair he's napping
I wonder at times, does he walk in his dreams?
Later I walked all the way from Tu Do Street
To the banks of the river
With the dinner boats sailing
Beside all of the souls, of a River in Peace


Hoa binh?Hoa Binh, ("peace" in Vietnamese)
Peace in the Heart of Indochine

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