Nanci Griffith - Morning Train

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Morning Train

There's a morning train
Heading for New Orleans
Carrying business men and week day shoppers
I have sixteen bucks and a dollar in change
That's not a bad price for a one way ride
On a morning train

I give you my devotion
You left me heartsick
Oh, you couldn't have hurt me more
Not workin' with a night stick
Now I'm tired of sharin' this bed of nails
So come first light I'm gonna be right
With the mornin' train

So goodbye lover, I'm goin' undercover
Crescent city's gonna swallow me
Gonna skip my ring 'cross the mississippi river
When it sinks I won't feel a thing
When it sinks I won't feel a thing

I'm gonna be stayin'
With a short time acquaintance
When I met him he was playin'
On the Gulf Breeze circuit
He didn't play no hit songs or TV themes
He's a guitar man just a hired hand
From a local band


The whistles blowin' loud
When I hit the station
I'll take a taxi to the corner
I'm gonna meet him by a street car
Name of what-cha-ma-call-it
My imagination
Won't let us miss a thing
Life's gonna be fine when I leave him behind
On a mornin' train

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