Nanci Griffith - On Grafton Street

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - On Grafton Street

On Grafton Street at Christmas time
The elbows push you 'round
This is not my place of memories
I'm a stranger in this town
The faces seem familiar
And I know those songs they're playin'
But I close my eyes and find myself
Five thousand miles away

It's funny how my world goes round without you
You're the one thing I never thought
I could live without
I just found this smile to think about you
You're a Saturday night
Far from the madding crowd

The buskers sing by candle light
In front of Bewleys Store
And a young nun offers me a chair
At a table by the door
And I feel compelled to tell her

Of the sisters that we knew
How when they lit their candles
I'd say a prayer for you


The church bells ring for holy hour
I'm back out in the rain
It's been twenty years or more
Since I last said your name
I hear you live near Dallas now
In a house out on the plains
Why Grafton Street brought you to mind
I really can't explain


On Grafton Street at Christmas time
The elbows push you 'round
All I carry now are memories
I'm a stranger to this town

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