Nanci Griffith - Roseville Fair

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Roseville Fair

Oh, the night was clear and the stars were shinin'
and the moon came up,... so quiet in the sky
And all the people gathered round while the band was a-tunin'
I can hear them now ... playin' 'Comin' Through the Rye'

She was dressed in blue and she looked so lovely
just a gentle flower of a small town girl
Then he took her hand and they danced to the music
with a single smile ... she became his world

And they danced all night ... to the fiddle and the banjo
their driftin' tunes, seemed to fill the air
so long ago, but they still remember ...

when they fell in love, at the Roseville Fair
Now, they courted well, and they courted dearly
They'd rock for hours in the front porch chair
Then a year went by ... from the time that he met her
and he made her his, at the Roseville Fair

(repeat chorus)

So here's a song for all of the lovers
and here's a tune ... that you can share
May you dance all night ... to the fiddle and the banjo
Oh, the way they did at the Roseville Fair
Oh, the way they did ... at the Roseville Fair

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