Nanci Griffith - Southbound Train

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Southbound Train

I'm sitting on a southbound train
Staring at the sky
I'm thinking of my childhood
And I'm trying not to cry
While a stranger sleeps against me
And it feels like I'm his wife
Towns and cities flutter past
Like the pages of my life

My heart is on the baggage rack
It's heavy as can be
I wish that I could find someone
Who would carry it for me
Just to pay it some attention
And to handle it with care
Because it has been dropped
And is in need of some repair


Some things I know
Some things I guess
Some things I wish that I could learn
To express
Like the way that I feel
As I stare at the sky
And I remember your voice
And the sound... of goodbye

Maybe it's the autumn...Chill
Maybe it's the rain
Maybe I should wake the stranger
And ask him his name
But, my eyes they would betray me
And my words could not defend
No, I must learn to wait my turn
Before I love again

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