Nanci Griffith - Waltzing With The Angels

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Waltzing With The Angels

She's just a hill country girl home from the city
Her pocket's full of plenty of those neon lights
And her mother's smile shines on her youngest child
Though she is just a barroom singer
with her father's eyes

The city streets are harder understandin'
It would be easy for the devil to pass by
But she can close her eyes and dream about
the country boy
Chain of gold and a lullabye
Because he's waltzin' with the angels tonight
It's a harvest moon when she's home to count her blessings
She's saved that love from passing
Though it's now ten years gone by

He is buried in these hills, folded all around her
It still's a heart of hunger with his memories inside

(repeat chorus)

In the mornin' she'll move on 'cause it's April on the wing
It put's feathers on her strings and her voice will fly
But that necklace of gold
She wears of his protect's her soul
From the barroom brawls and the late night drinkers
When the devil's passin' by

(repeat chorus)

They will be waltzin' with the angel's tonight

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