Nanci Griffith - Workin' In Corners

Текст песни Nanci Griffith - Workin' In Corners

It's a southern road west of New Orleans
I'm fightin' off a cold
from these winter rounds
She's just around the corner
But I think I'll stop off here in Lafayette
Lord and have me another round

I've been workin' in corners all alone at night
Pullin' down whiskey
Keepin' my eyes away from the lights
I'll never be a fool but I will gamble foolishly
I've never let go of love
till I lost it in my dreams
I don't want to go to sleep
'Cause I just might dream
I'm stronger now, there was a man in my hometown
He sang so pretty
I'm glad he turned my head around
But I'd forgotten how to play a one night stand
Lord I didn't have a word to say

Just holdin' that stranger's hand

(repeat chorus)

These city streets at five in the mornin'
I would've stopped to phone you
but I'm almost home
At my back door
there's a porch light that's shinin'
I just don't mind livin' here by myself
If I leave it on

(repeat chorus)

I don't want to go to sleep
'Cause I just might dream
Don't want to go to sleep
You know I sure can dream
And I sure can dream
Sure can dream

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