Napalm Death - Aryanisms

AryanismsNapalm Death3:08

Текст песни Napalm Death - Aryanisms

Put it on yourself to be
a role model,
an image that you feel.
Should guide the habits,
to form a movement
of self-infatuated fools.

Keeping each to their own ,
where social bonding is taboo.

It is nice to be a clone
in your interpretation of a perfect world,
where all desire to consort is perceived
as contagious disease.

Keeping each to their own ,
where social bonding is taboo.

Challenge the sordid claims to purify !

Your distinction threatened ? - Absurd ! !

You wage crusades of loathing
to prove a point
- the need for divide.
How can the thought of unbounded relations
kindle so much hate ? - Outcast ! !

Get your kicks through persecution,
used as scapegoats
for your exterior doubts,
exposing weakness - retarded, unworthy.

I cannot begin to comprehend
how you wear
such shame with vigour -
Homophobic race antagonist.

Harmony can only flourish
with mutual regard.

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