Napalm Death - Diktat

DiktatNapalm Death3:41

Текст песни Napalm Death - Diktat

"To have and hold for all eternity"
Limitations and amibitions are a pretext to falling short

We'll be doomed, marooned and two fatalities
Anomalies in whispered circles
For pledges we could never hope to fulfil

But if it works for you
Then it works because of you
Not a diktat from a guild
For who love is (unflinching) servitude

Castigate or deprecate – they want heads hung in shame
When a union runs its course
For pledges we could never hope to fulfil

Irrepressible, irresponsible love
Is the wild-eyed antitote to cold imperatives
Love is the wild-eyed antidote
To cold imperatives
Love is like the last day you'll ever live

So why lose that spark
When our paths begin to merge?
It's the yoke of absolutes – those pledges
We could never blight in compliance

Love is the wild-eyed antidote to cold imperatives
Love has since been hi-jacked to tether down its whims

Obey, obey, obey so the passion dilutes
Obey, obey, obey, obey, obey, obey, obey

Perhaps under angry clouds of the imagined higher force

Refrain, refrain, refrain
From ending on a high note
Refrain, refrain, refrain, refrain
Refrain, refrain, refrain

Perhaps under angry clouds of the imagined higher force
Perhaps it's this and other such constraints
From which we must divorce
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