Napalm Death - I Abstain

Текст песни Napalm Death - I Abstain

I abstain !

Summon my pride ?
What ? Pride behind your blinkered eyes ?
Your vigilance is shit.
The lads together - You'll fall !

Smug complacency,
notions of reserving
the right to think with your fists,
I abstain from this mundane apathy.

Committed to
All for red, white and blue ,
in effect you're fighting
for what's really fighting you.

Grit those teeth,
put out those chests .
Tears only for the flag.
Always the brave patriot
as you slip
to second class.

But you stand steadfast ?

People are not subjects,
why should the few
get more respect ?
Open your eyes !

Imperialism feeds off you,
not patrons but patronised.
Open your eyes !

They're shaping you,
you're trapped
with pomp and circumstance ,
lose your discretion.
Soon, you'll not fall from grace,
endorse their rhetoric,
you fade, they prosper.

I abstain !
Don't be colonial slave.
Don't substantiate the act.

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