Napalm Death - Thanks for Nothing

Thanks for NothingNapalm Death2:44

Текст песни Napalm Death - Thanks for Nothing

Mitch harris

Serve my head on a plate

Pulp my heart with ill will

I did trust you,

Let to lust you, to be duped

Thanks for fucking nothing !

Serve my head on a plate

Pulp my heart with ill will

Sensed a mystique ? turn to spent air ?

Killed it dead

Thanks for fucking nothing

Scap the dephts to salvage something

Thanks for fucking nothing

Drained my all, then drop the bombshell

True, we were not joined ?

Our evey feature spliced

Though you rushed in and took a lead

Three words spouted

This contagion

Crossed all divides

Caused a shift in protective focus

Three words flouted

Unnntimely end, I shouldve clicked ?

A sensory cut-out

A spoiling of the harmony,

Of which we were about

I dont despise or demonise,

But I just know your form

Walk right out and move along,

And teap before you look

Thanks for fucking nothing !

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