Nappy Roots - Fast Car

Текст песни Nappy Roots - Fast Car

Chorus (repeat)
Gotta get a plan to get us out of here
You got a fast car
Managed to save just a little bit of money
You got a fast car

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick
Don't matter, long as my chest on every line I spit
Folk that want to know what makes rhyme plus tick ??
I tell them unconditional love for my click
What don't kill me only makes me tough
So much building up it's going make me bust
Cold cold world better not freeze up
Keep the pressure on can't afford to ease up
Move at the speed of light can't slow down
Chasing a dollar make the world go 'round
Jump in the truck in pursuit of some happiness
Got to get back to the roots of my Nappyness
Things ain't always what they supposed to be
Open my eyes see what I'm supposed to see
Ain't really sure what I'm supposed to be
My brother broke it down that's what he told to me


I'm doing 90 in the slow lane but whats the rush
I gotta get my shit together cus I'm losing it, plus
You know that time waits for no man
We get it and grind
So maybe one day we'll be able to sit and recline
But right now let me plot, and scheme, and try to get mine
I'mma lay it on the line for my son or my daughter
Saved up a few dollars, couple nickels and quarters

Let's get out of here within a year we triple our quota
No 'buts...', no need to slow up just look in my eye
You'll see I'm no lie, everything I talk and I try
It's ride or die in my Cadi hoes walking up blind ??
We gonna make it to our destination always on time
And I ain't got too many seconds to be wasting on crying
If I rewind, that's the only reason I'm flying
I'm wide open on I-65 across the county line
And if you down like they say come on hop in, I'll drive


I been here before...

No static got an automatic
Blowing weed as I weave through the traffic
Wonder how it ain't me in a casket
Trying to hustle selling D's for a Classic
I wanted more than just D's on a Classic
I wanted money where my people can have shit
And I ain't stopping 'til I have that
Tell my niggas locked up those some years we got to have back
Ma and Pa still living in the same house
We could make a million dollars and they don't change house
Population 30 thou and we all poor
The whole world think we slow and we all know
One high school 25 liquor store
Move to the city go and live with the rich folks
But I swear I'm coming back Ma
Shed tears as I jump in my fast car


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